About Bus

In short, nobody knows more about bus than us, and we are here to share this with the world because we understand the immense value it can bring to peoples’ lives. We strongly believe in karma, and are not making fun of anyone or anything but ourselves. Our underlying intent is genuine and positive – we are just mischevious assholes.

WHO are we?

We are intelligent, high-funtioning individuals with respectible positions at companies doing a variety of technical skilled work.

WHAT is this?

In short, Bussin is a concept intended to raise awareness about society’s prevailing negative sentiment towards education, and cognitive function (or lack thereof,) and to demonstrate how Stupid and Smart, aren’t as clearly distinguishable as most people would think.

WHY do it?

Our society’s perspective on knowledge/intelligence is completely warped. Stupidity is glorified while intelligence and verbal acumen are snubbed; however, people are often judged and ridiculed for being stupid, as well as “too smart.”

What is stupid? What is smart? What determines one from the other, and what makes a person one or the other?

Funny though, that while these questions are nearly impossible to answer, people seem to believe they know what’s what.

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