The Best Breakdown About Bussin

What is Bussin?

By now many of you have been introduced to the concept, and have found much copy/paste clickbait explanations. They provide no references, and merely confuse the issue. Wiktionary only has one definition, and they don’t even include the recent examples that brought it to everyone’s attention. The following collection of information should get you started on your path to learn about Bussin.

Given my professional understanding of media and marketing, it is no surprise the amount of copy/paste click-bait content. I have no problem with taking advantage of the media machine; however, everything considered exemplifies exactly what the problem is with society, and the ultimate why of this project overall.

This article says the word is used frequently on TikTok but doesn’t provide a single example to support its’ suggestion. According to The US Sun “there have been dozens of rap songs featuring the word,” yet only mentions the one by Tay Money and Nicki Minaj – which hadn’t even been released. It then goes on about Janelle Rohner but doesn’t provide any information about the results. is the #2 Google search result for “bussin meaning.” I give them credit for merely suggesting alternate meanings, but the article falls short given the lack of any additional information or analysis.

The 3 Roots of Bussin

We must try not to overthink it now… Keeping the “‘KISS’ Principle” in mind is always helpful when talking in these terms. ‘Bussin’ is short, for “Bussing,” and I thought it would be pretty easy to see what that should mean… Unfortunately, not a single other person has even proposed this possibility, so I’ll break it down, and answer your questions about bussin as best I can.

First, in order to understand the foundational meaning we want to get to the base word; however, once we drop the “-ing” we are left with 3 possible roots:


One possible base word of Bussin is buss, and it has been in use for hundreds of years. It is an older word w. a variety of different meanings (interestingly enough at complete opposite ends of the spectrum,) yet the essence remains the same across them all.


Is the oldest recorded definition for buss is “a kissin the early 1700’s; however, a quote from the Dictionary of Americanisms provides the best expression of the term:

A "kiss" quote using "buss."
“Kissing and bussing differ both in this, we buss our wantons, but our wives we kiss.”

Printed in 1848 it still makes sense today. The qualities of recklessness and unrestraint are important aspects to the concept of Bussin.

Buzz / Gossip

Another quote adds an aspect of disorder, chaos. Also absent-mindedness, or scatterbrain.

Buss: v (1980s teenagers) To talk about; gossip over. - Blabbers bussin.
Bussers blabbin and blabbers bussin.


The more modern suggestion is the pronunciation spelling of ‘busting’ as in the phrase “busting a nut.” I don’t argue that this association exists, it’s just absolutely not the primary definition.

Bust a Nut

Skeet skeet MFkerr. I don’t argue the association, but it fails to explain a great deal of examples. Additionally, it doesn’t apply to women, and I would think they’d use a different term. It has it’s place, but it would also get old to think you were going around always talking about spooging on everything, everyone, everywhere. That’s actually creepy.

Buss Up, Bust Up

Then of course there’s the intoxication category.

buss you up or all buss up
buss you up or all buss up


While there are many definitions and/or meanings, it is generallly defined as a large communal vehicle, with a long body, and passenger seating or associated with travelling/transporting by the same. It can also be the abbreviation for “business.”

Riding the bus

The simplest and most common meaning to the modern world. There was confusion about using busing or bussing, but rules is rules, and this website tells me so.

The thing about Bussin is, it’s not actually an representation of things, but rather a quality in respect to them. As such, the quality consistent in each example is an essence of ridiculousness that is distinctive and unique unto Bussin – and to the examples themselves. Additionally, it is important to note that the specific Bussey quality has actually been misconstrued. In fact, there is not enough emphasis in the level of incredibility of each.

Bussin implies a kind of absurdity and ridiculousness unique unto itself, for example: Food is awesome in general and good food is ridiculous, but then there’s Michelen star food which is absurdly good, of which Bussin is the cream.

Examples in Media

The only way to illustrate this Bussiness relationship is via what we call the transitive properties of Buss. For example, something so incredible is unbelievably absurd, and it’s reasonable to say that anything that is deemed to be “wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate” is just plain STUPID.

Is it Bussin, Janelle?

Before this time, Janelle posted a videotape to TikTok where she asked her followers what ‘bussin’ means as she had seen the expression on TikTok a lot and was strange with the shoptalk term.

“I’ve seen all the commentary and duets and I’ve to be honest. I’ve no idea what bussin means?? Like I’ve no idea? Someone please fill me in because I ’m so confused, ” she wrote.

Still, rather than answering her question, people began dueting her videotape and saying the expression ‘ Is it bussin Janelle ’ to confuse her indeed more.

Tay Money & Nicky Minaj

Simply put, my definition fulfills and applies to every example presented, whereas busting doesn’t fit at all. See the music video:


The Bussier you can express things, the busier your Bussiness will be. Now, we’ve been working on this concept for years, and I’m all about bussin, getting short, and that #BLABlife. Then all of a sudden it goes viral, and everyone thinks their an expert.

Well, that’s Bussin too – thinking they about bussin better than Bussiness professonals. We are the first, and ONLY professional Short Bussinessmen in the world, and I assure you, we’ve got Bussin down to a science.

About Bussin Concepts

Short things are exactly what they seem, yet even that idea is a bottomless rabbit hole that’s still Short AF. Bottomless and short, that’s stupid – you say? Exactly my point. It’s a Bussey subject so it’s to be expected there will be Bussin. I’ll mention there’s a reason it’s compromised, not impeded cognitive function, but you’ll have to go figure that out.

Now let’s connect the dots.

A short bus is symbolic of everything I’ve presented about bussin here, especially as anything that exists as an oxymoronic contridiction of itself would be considered absurd.

At the end of the day, when people say “Bussin” they really mean “[Short] Bussin.” If not, they’re either Bussin, or trying to Buss you TFO.

That should seem more rational than the “Buss a Nut” theory, and I’m sure Tay Money and Nicky Minaj would agree. What you actually stumbled across was merely the tip of the iceberg of a much more complex a concept than anyone has yet realized.

About Bussin Causes

Since most people don’t know anything about bussin, they won’t even know when they’re doing it, let alone why. While they generally begin doing it on their own, it is as the ripple effect of alluring consequences widens, that more and more passengers embus with them on an adventurous ride.

Every time you have ever identified a moment requiring a facepalm, either you or someone else probably is, has been, and most likely will be – Bussin. This universal concept covers a wide array of instances, but always exhibits the key characteristics which are so neat about Bussin.

About Bussin Stuff

Ultimately, nobody decides when the Bus will pick them up, how long they will ride, where it will go, or who will join. We may all be passengers on the same vehicle, travelling the same route, passing the same scenery, yet the experiences are always unique.

Those moments can feel embarrassing or awkward after exhibiting shortcomings in our ability to function, and serve as a reminder that we are indeed fallible. Nobody is perfect, but some people seem to forget. Such people are generally egotistical douche bags: they are emphatic in identifying and highlighting others’ faults, and do so from a place of insecurity about their own shortcomings.

This is ultimately toxic behavior that erodes the foundations upon which positive relationships are built. At the end of the day, compromised cognitive ability is an inherent quality of human nature, which we should embrace as a commonality that unites us, instead of a flaw that separates us.

Bussin is a philosophy that does not discriminate; the most distinguishable variation between the route each of us may take, is when. I may not be Bussin now, or when you are, but it is undeniable that I have Bussed in the past, and it is all but guaranteed I will be Bussin in the future.

We are born alone, and we die alone, at least in between, you won’t be Bussin alone.

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