Ignorance is Bliss, Ignance is Buss - Short Bussin * beep beep *

We are massively complex organisms, and language is humanity’s single most important capability; however, many people dismiss this fact. They are content not only to use a limited vocabulary, but to botch that limited vocabulary as it is. If ignorance is bliss, ignance is straight Bussin.

People like to think, “it’s not what you say but how you say it," but in fact, it's what you say, AND how you say it. Words have specific meanings, simple as that. Being a synonym does not automatically imply interchangeability. Most often they exist separately because (duh) they have differing definitions.

That’s like saying, “beauty is on the inside.” No, it’s not. Inner beauty is on the inside, outer beauty is on the outside. I am not insulting anyone, nor commenting on self-image or esteem, but it does exemplify the potential for miscommunication due to generalization of definitions.

Additionally, slang has become more acceptable as a conversational norm, especially with the proliferation of mobile devices. Given the average level of intelligence of society and the ability to communicate instantaneously has allowed these bad habits to spread far greater than good ones.

How people don’t care about sounding like a complete idiot is a mystery, but it must be because they are too stupid to actually realize it. There is looking and acting a fool, then there is actually being a fool, but hey, ignorance is bliss.


lack of knowledge or information.


The ignorant way of saying ignorant. Proudly and willfully ignorant; using one’s ignorance as a virtue.

It's sad that people are made to feel bad for using a more intelligent vocabulary. How is it things can get turned around such that when someone who uses a big word in conversation, they end up getting made fun of? I mean, honestly, let’s be serious. Who’s really the idiot?

Not to mention, those people tend to be the loudest, pushiest, or well-known, and set the wrong example that pathetic language skills are not just acceptable, but "cool." Peoples' lack of a more advanced vocabulary is not what is most concerning. It is the fact that people are not only content but determined (and almost pleased) to botch even the simplest of linguistics.

It seems simple: we all learn new things as time moves forward, we want to share that knowledge with others, and we need language to express it. It's up to an individual to ask for clarification when things are unclear; however, most people are too insecure about being embarrassed for not knowing they either react defensively and attacking insultingly, or they move forward without clarification, which only promotes the lack of communicative clarity that is the foundation for this argument.

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