Short Bussin business

Bussin Explained – Finally!

The wikitionary definition for bussin is bullshit. Words can obviously have multiple definitions, so to say any one is incorrect would be – incorrect. With every other explanation falling short of truly explaining Bussin, here is the complete breakdown of how it evolved. Finally, Bussin explained correctly.

Certain examples or instances might satisfy the reasoning, but what about when that fails? Ideally, the fundamental definition should fit ALL instances, and we can demonstrate that with simple, straightforward logic.

bus(s) + ing
Bussin is the present participle form of bus which simply means “riding a bus.”

buss / bust + ing
Otherwise, it is also the present participle of buss in two senses: its’ own, and as a pronunciation spelling of “bust.”

riding “the” bus
to ride the bus implying the short bus, is a derogatory way to say someone is stupid. This has been widely known for a long time; however, due to its crude nature, there are fewer examples of use in “acceptable” mediums.

buss / bust a nut
It has been suggested that the term relates to the idea of the male sexual function of ejaculation.

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