dunce get short

Get Short

It’s one of the most fundamental aspects of Bussin, yet everyone seemed to miss it. In fact, in my experience, I am confident in saying Bussin can’t exist without it… But then again, just when you think you know Bussin, is the moment you realize it’s actually you that’s Bussin. So what exactly does get short mean?

Admittedly, we initially thought Short was generally caused by impeded cognitive function, but it didn’t take long to realize the inaccuracy in that.

Making the distinction is of the utmost importance, but you’d have to acctually know the definitions for it to make sense. Impeded cognitive function can absolutely contribute to Short, but there are two issues:

First, people Buss all over TF place even when they’re sober. Second, a major goal to this entire thing is raising awareness of the need for people to take responsibility for their Bussiness, no matter how intoxicated.

That being said, it took a significant amount of Bussiness Development to determine that Short is generally caused by compromised cognitive function.

That is ideal in the Bussiest of ways. Things didn’t get Short because your cognitive function was impeded. That’s just a convenient excuse to keep in the back pocket in the event of an accident, and exactly what we’re working against.

Fact of the matter is things were already Short before you even a sip. Imbibing in anything would undoubtedly be considered compromising behavior, but to pursue even more compromising activities is absolutely reckless and foolish – aka stupid.

We fall short, stop short, or come up short. We can be short-handed, short staffed, or in short supply. We get shorted when we get short changed; as well as get the short end of the stick when we draw the short straw.
Is one of the most important aspects to the concept. Anytime “short” is a factor, results in bussin. We can demonstrate this several ways, but first, let’s improve our definition of Bussin:

  • Buss

  • Short

  • Short Bussin

  • short bus

  • Bussin

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