Bussin blurs reality.

Short Bus Math

Here’s some short bus math that will demonstrate some more details about Short Bussin.

By comparing elements at the most basic level, we can begin to draw a picture on exactly what bussin means. By applying simple logic we can provide a more clear meaning.

short bus = stupid
stupid = awesome
short bus = stupid = awesome

In order to solve for bussin, we must transform each the same. Our initial equation merely restates current popular opinion, and the rest simply follows basic logic.

[short] bussin = being awesome
being stupid = being awesome
bussin = being stupid = being awesome

To finish, we must first remember one of the most important aspect of Bussin: the element of absurdity. If things were just awesome, then what’s the need for bussin?

Short Bus Driver

beep beep

buss = stupid
bussin = stupidity
awesome → awesomeness
bussin = stupidity = awesomeness

Awesomeness ≈ Stupidity ≈ Bussin

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