Bussin official summary: Short Math

First, Wiktionary is outright wrong. Here’s the bussin official summary, complete with some short math. That’s a whole other post, and believe I am doing something about it; however, most people have settled on “awesome.” I don’t disagree, but the devil is in the details. I have not seen one solid explanation as to why/how. Like, ok, it means “delicious.” Why? Even meaning awesome, it’s obvious the connection.

Any fool can know, the point is to understand.

Albert Einstein

With our ULB: Universal Law of Bussin we are able to express our relationship. Frankly, it’s the only connection. How delicious is it? Stupid delicious. How awesome? Stupid awesome.

With our equation we are able to show not only what Bussin is, but why we are the undeniable experts in the Bussinness. Having established our Law, we need to solve for Bussin; however, that is where society went wrong:

Bussin official summary

Social Interpretation

Awesome ≈ Stupid ≈ Short Bus

Awesomeing = stupiding = short bussin

(being) Awesome = (being) stupid = bussin

It is also true that bussing is short, for short bussing, and with that we would satisfy social understanding:

Bussin means being awesome, being stupid.

See? Easy. Bussin.


  • Thinking Bussin has only one meaning.
  • Thinking ≈ is the same as =
  • Thinking that things do not have vulgar, derogatory roots simply because you don’t think about it or refuse to believe it’s true.


While their solution is short of the right answer, it actually perfectly demonstrates the problem with society today. Another interpretation could be:

“Being Awesome is the same as being stupid which is the same as Bussin.”
Everyone ever

Which makes sense because most people today are stupid AF, think they’re awesome, when in fact, they’re straight Bussin…

Ignant douches are just the kids who made bullying short bus jokes who grew up. Anyone who automatically believes there is one side to anything, is a few cards short of a full deck.

A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.”

Bruce Lee

Bussin official summary

Correct interpretation

To finish he , we need to solve the ULB for Bussin, we must first remember one of the most important aspect of Bussin: the element of absurdity. If things were just awesome, then what’s the need for bussin? As such it is crucial to note that they are “almost equal to” each other. Additionally, we aren’t converting to a verb, rather an adjective:

Awesomeness ≈ Stupidity ≈ Bussin

We can still satisfy society with: awesomeness is approx. bussin, and most people won’t recognize the difference. The difference is in that it does mean that, and it is only an approximation whether the user knows or not.

The thing is, as we’ve shown bussin is a state of being, rather mind. It is not meant literally, so any interpretation is just that, and only applicable to whatever instance is at hand. True Bussiness professionals know that it’s not about any one answer to it, rather the answer to all off it. Like imaginary numbers, et al it expresses an idea.

Essentially, Bussin is awesomeness in overcoming stupidity. Unfortunately it requires taking the windy road right through it.

Alternate Interpretations

Bussin ≈ Awesomeness – Stupidity
Bussin is awesomeness getting through stupidity
Bussin is awesomeness in the face of stupidity.
Bussin is the satisfaction in getting past stupidity

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