The Short Bus is a fantastic "unicorn" of a vessel, yet unlike unicorns, it is one of the most common vehicles in existence.

The Short Bus

is merely a vehicle dedicated to transporting students to and from school; however, we are all familiar with the stigma associated with the idea. Every one of us is to blame for creating a negative symbolism around the idea of a short bus, but we aim to both change and strengthen that symbolism.

School of Life

There should be no question in the figurative symbolism here. It must also make sense that we are all handicapped in some way.

More importantly, it exemplifies the fundamental idea that we never stop learning. Those who dismiss this idea are clearly putting themselves at a disadvantage, and disadvantaged pupils would generally be expected to ride the short bus.


Even at the most basic level it is possible to demonstrate why the symbolism fits so well. Bussin ultimately implies a unique absurdity with regards to a characteristic, and we can show this clearly when we break it down.

First, let’s look at the most basic definitions of each word:

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Each and every day, we dread to ride that bus, but existence has a way, of having its way with us. Bussin's never easy, in places kinda seedy. When the Brigade charges in, and it’s bringing all kinds of sin. Just trust you can rest easy, when rollin with Sen Besey. We make epicness look effortless EVERYDAY
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