The Bussiness of Bussin

Bussin’s been big Bussiness lately, but interestingly enough, almost everyone Bussin over the topic of Bussin, and that in itself, is Bussin. We are pioneers in the Bussiness of Bussin, and nobody has more experience than us.

You all were just a tad short of grasping the big picture.

The funny thing is, I know people don’t make the connection because subconsciously they really don’t want to. Instead, they engineer some alternate wording to hide the true implication of the concept.

Looking at all the definitions online, they generally fall into about 4 categories of meanings; however, Bussin is much more complex.

Bussin is not actually an representation of things, but rather a quality in respect to them. As such, the quality consistent in each example is an essence of ridiculousness that is distinctive and unique unto Bussin – and to the examples themselves. Additionally, it is important to note that the specific Bussey quality has actually been misconstrued. In fact, there is not enough emphasis in the level of incredibility of each.

Bussin implies a kind of absurdity and ridiculousness uniquee unto itself, for example: Food is awesome in general and good food is ridiculous, but then there’s Michelen star food which is absurdly good, of which Bussin is the cream.

The only way to illustrate this Bussiness relationship is via what we call the transitive properties of Buss. For example, something so incredible is unbelievably absurd, and it’s reasonable to say that anything that is deemed to be “wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate” is just plain


The Bussier you can express things, the busier your Bussiness will be. Now, I’m really not trying to be mean,but we’ve been working on this concept for years. Then all of a sudden it goes viral, and everyone thinks their an expert. Well, I’ll be first to say, that’s Bussin too – thinking they Buss better than Bussiness professonals. We are the first, and ONLY professional Short Bussinessmen in the world, and I assure you, we’ve got Bussin down to a science.

Short things are exactly what they seem, yet even that idea is a bottomless rabbit hole that’s still Short AF. Bottomless and short, that’s stupid – you say? Exactly my point. It’s a Bussey subject so it’s to be expected there will be Bussin.

And, just to flex on eveyone, I’ll mention there’s a reason it’s compromised, not impeded cognitive function, but you’ll have to go figure that out.

Now let’s connect the dots.

If you saw this coming, I applaud you. Though it shouldn’t have been hard, so if you didn’t… Bussin. Our definition is the most relevent, fitting, and understandable idea, than any other. A short bus is symbolic of everything I’ve presented here, especially as anything exists as an oxymoronic contridiction of itself would be considered absurd.

At the end of the day, when people say “Bussin” they really mean “[Short] Bussin.” If not, they’re either Bussin, or trying to Buss you TFO.

There is so much more to this than anyone knows, but it is a spectacular thing. Please check back for more, bc Bussiness is never done.

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