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the state of being or affairs characteristic of when things get short.

Things can get short for many reasons, and when they do, they are lacking or deficient in some crucial aspect – most commonly as a result of compromised cognitive function.

This is a concept so immeasurably complex, yet paradoxically simple, that it is almost inexplicable.

It is a natural noumenon so existentially fundamental that has affected each and every one of us throughout our entire lives. It can be a blessing and/or a burden, entertaining and/or distressing, enriching and/or disparaging. It is also a philosophy, a state of mind, and a way of life that can bring limitless value to those who truly understand and embrace the concept.

This idea has taken years to evolve, and as it grows, so does the challenge of expressing all of its nuances. I can guarantee almost everything you will initially think about it is incorrect, including any negative sentiments regarding the symbolism of our brand. At the very least please read our Disclaimer before passing judgement; however, if you have any shred of humility, compassion, empathy, and most importantly, a sense of humor, I am confident you will see this is something special.

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